Schizophrenia in a patient’s words

La schizofrenia con le parole di un paziente

S. Sanzovo, P.G. Barbisan, O. Galvano, G. Salce, A. Vallerini, G.L. Bianchin

Dipartimento di Salute Mentale, Montebelluna (TV)


Patients with schizophrenia may not be able to give a reliable account of their symptoms, but many of them provide details of their experience of the disorder. Of these, some may give wide narratives with circumstantial details, but not many are able to lucidly picture their experience across its various phases. We report the case of a patient who struck us due to the immediateness and the depth of his writings. This patient is treated with a bland monotherapy and is able to lead his existence autonomously, needing nothing more than just ordinary monitoring. The patient has been able to communicate us better than others his distress and hopes. We here provide his account of his experience, comprising prodromes, onset, clinical course, and reassembling of these fragments into a working unit.

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