Mortality in mental disorders: are we approaching to close the gap respect to other medical specialties? The case of schizophrenia

B. Carpiniello, M. Manchia, M.G. Orrù, F. Pinna

Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health, University of Cagliari, Italy


To selectively review data on the effect of antipsychotic treatment on mortality in schizophrenia.


The authors performed a search of relevant registry-based and population-based studies, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials directly or indirectly assessing the impact of antipsychotic treatment on mortality in schizophrenia.


Antipsychotics, particularly long-acting preparations such as paliperidone palmitate, might be beneficial in reducing mortality risk in schizophrenia.


Although data on the effect of antipsychotics on mortality are encouraging, the field of psychiatry is still far from achieving results in line with what observed in other areas of medicine (for instance in oncology and cardiology). Only the implementation of accurate clinical monitoring and a stronger engagement of the medical field in the care of people affected by mental disorders, will overcome the scandal of the underestimation of their physical health problems and the undeniable disparities they meet when specific treatments for physical disorders with an important impact on survival are needed.

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